Experimental Medicine Center

Experimental Medicine Center (OMD)

at the Medical University of Lublin was established in 2015 and is one of the most modern experimental and breeding units in Poland.


The main goal of OMD's activity is to facilitate a pioneering interdisciplinary in vitro and in vivo research for:


  • internal units of the Medical University of Lublin,
  • external scientific and research institutions,
  • industrial partners from the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, chemical, food and agricultural sectors
  • enterprises operating on the domestic and foreign market.

OMD offers:


  • the possibility of conducting research activities using the highest quality laboratory animals,
  • laboratory animals reared under specific pathogen-free conditions (SPF):

                      Mice                               Fishes (Danio rerio)                               Rats



  • laboratory spaces equipped with specialized and innovative scientific and research equipment,




  • fully equipped operating rooms with a pre- and postoperative rooms


Additionally, we offer:


  • full support in planning and implementation of the scientific experiments,
  • assistance of qualified employees of the Center in performing  the experiments.  


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Experimental Medicine Center with the Certificate of Good Laboratory Practice


The Center for Experimental Medicine of the Medical University of Lublin obtained the Certificate of Good Laboratory Practice (registration number 24/2020 / DPL of December 2, 2020) in the field of environmental toxicity testing in relation to aquatic and terrestrial organisms (ecotoxicity) and was entered in the List of certified research units at number 26.


OMD Building